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Easy as 1-2-3

Creating a tile layout in Precision Tile can be done in just 3 easy steps. After gathering all your measurements you Draw the tile area, Draw the intrusions into the area and Experiment!

Click to see full sizeStep 1: Draw out the area to be tiled. Usually this will just be a simple rectangle but more complex layouts are also supported through the use of the Polygon tool. Then fill the area with your desired tile pattern.

Click to see full sizeStep 2: Draw the intrusions into the tiled area. Intrusions included anything you will need to tile around. For a floor project intrusions would include walls, cabinets, toilet etc.

Click to see full sizeStep 3: Experiment! Try different tile colours and sizes and see them with your existing cabinets, wall colours, etc. Adjust the tile position and the grout width to create the most attractive layout. Even add tile borders, inlays and more.